International Travel Trade Must Stand Up

The International travel industry has a vital part to play in the social, ecological and economical framework of the changing world. My thoughts.

“It’s all about protecting our product. If the product – our destinations – aren’t protected then people won’t visit.”- John De Vial

The travel trade in India has pretty much been one of the main bread winners for India’s GDP for decades. We love our travel, be it a short get away or a long sabbatical – India loves to travel. This fact has been clearly established seeing the yearly numbers of Indian travelling far and wide, from Thailand to Canada, Japan to Scandinavia.

Every road show, travel trade evening, meetings with country directors and delegates from across the world elucidate this fact. There are MOOC courses being offered to country representatives so as to make them more informed about the Indian traveller, help them cater to us better. Hence the outbound travel market is all set to welcome the new season of Indian on-board. In all this, while the Indian traveller has evolved, has arrived – how are we faring in our ecological footprint? That’s an important question to bring up at this juncture.

Preserve Our Oceans

The media is doing quite a fine job in bringing to our notice all the issues the world faces today. Crisis in the form of cultural, environmental, economical degradation are rampant. How are we – the inbound and outbound travel trade of the country helping to solve these problems?

Mr.John De Vial is quite clear in pointing out what our product is – our countries, our destinations. What are we doing to maintain product quality standards when our oceans are getting polluted, our forests are being cut down? You can’t sell a degraded product now can you?

It is of urgent need that the veterans of the travel trade take heed of Mr.John De Vial’s wise words and formulate a framework. A framework that safeguards the interests of the travel trade, a structure that ensures supreme levels of quality control. We must work towards putting such a system in place. I urge my seniors and colleagues from the industry to share their thoughts into initiating this much needed agenda.

International Travel Trade Must Stand Up

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