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The Himalayas – one of the most magical things about planet earth – where you could go to touch the skies – tallest mountain range in the world, forms a length of 2400 km of the earth’s surface. This range includes Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains. The Himalayan Club in Mumbai, founded in 1928 is one of the earliest mountaineering clubs in the world. This year the club celebrates its 90th birthday. Here’s a little something about the club.

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This club has contributed considerably to Himalayan exploration and mountaineering. It is open to all and bears memberships of over thousands, including some of the most eminent mountaineers in the world. In Mumbai, resides its headquarters, where there is a permanent display on the history and milestones of the club. T

his club owns collections of maps and audio-visual forms as part of the club’s reference material. All matter received by the club for publication, including articles, photographs and maps have been archived here. National sections in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune organise regular film shows, meetings and illustrated talks. Annual reunion dinners are also held in London and Tokyo. The Delhi branch of this club has a library which is overflowing with books and journals on Himalayas. The club also maintains libraries in Mumbai and Kolata. The Himalayan Journal, published annually, is a definitive record of climbs and expeditions in the Himalayas. In addition to this, an electronic newsletter is circulated via email.

Over the years, the club had also published several books and it also maintains a website This club sponsors expeditions and also provides scholarships so that deserving students can obtain traning in mountaineering and skiing at various institutes in India. In association with the Naoroji family and Godrej Industries, the Himalayan Club has set up the Kekoo Naoroji award for the best book published on the Himalayas.

What I love in particular are the yearly Banff Mountain Films screened by the Himalayan Club – a rare treat for a city saturated with mainly bollywood cinema escapades. Also look out for their 90th year celebrations; I hear they have sun fun stuff planned!

The Himalayan Club

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