Our sense of perception, the way we understand things, where does it come from? A for apple, we learnt, we saw the image of an apple in a text book and wrote APPLE. But is that an experience? In the real world, at a bustling market, we felt it, tasted it, the fragrance etched clearly in our minds. That’s what travel is for me. Going out there, putting out all my senses to perceive the world in its entirety.

I yearn to see beyond sight, hence I travel. Many a times my most magical experiences go unwritten. And then an other experience years later, helps me complete the picture. I enjoy working with stories in written, visual and audio forms. I love the outdoors, and I love exploring things long form – be it travel or writing.

Travel Journal has been my first love, will always be. Now there is also Let’s Be Outdoorsy – Get Fit The Outdoorsy Way a platform where I hope to make you a lover, of the outdoors.

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